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Important String and Validation Functions in Ab Initio

In the Ab Initio few string and validation functions regularly using in the process of generate graphs.
Important string functions

  • string_split

  • string_replace

  • string_prefix

  • string_index

  • string_suffix

  • string_rindex

  • string_like

  • string_substring

  • string_length

  • this are the frequently using string functions in abinitio for generate the graphs using transformations.

    Important Validation Functions:
    For the data validation purpose below mentioned validation functions we use regularly.
  • is_defined

  • is_error

  • is_null

  • is_valid

  • is_blank

  • These are frequently used data validation functions in ab initio.

    any important/frequently used string functions and validation functions is there or facing any queries comment below we can give solution for real time scenarios

    if any please comment bellow...

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    1. What are the mostly used vector functions in Abinitio?


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