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Normalize Component

Normalize Component is also one of the multistage components in ab initio
Normalize generates multiple output records from each of its input records. You can directly specify the number of output records for each input record, or you can make the number of output records dependent on a calculation.
In contrast, to consolidate groups of related records into a single record with a vector field for each group — the inverse of NORMALIZE — you would use the accumulation function of the ROLLUP component.

  • Always clean and validate data before normalizing it. Because Normalize uses a multistage transform, it follows computation rules that may cause unexpected or incorrect results in the presence of dirty data (NULLs or invalid values). Furthermore, the results will be hard to trace, particularly if the reject-threshold parameter is set to Never abort. Several factors — including the data type, the DML expression used to perform the normalization, and the value of the sorted-input parameter — may affect where the problems occur. It is safest to avoid normalizing dirty data.

  • Component folding can enhance the performance of this component. If this feature is enabled, the Co>Operating System folds this component by default. See “Component folding” for more information.

  • Location in the Component Organizer
    Transform folder

    Run time/Real time behavior of NORMALIZE Component in ab initio
  • Reads the input record.

  • Performs temporary initialization.

  • Performs iterations of the normalize transform function. NORMALIZE determines the number of iterations to perform using either the finished or the length function, whichever is defined:

  • Sends the output record to the out port.

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