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Dedup Sorted Component

Dedup Sorted Component Explanation with example dedup sorted component in ab initio parameters
Dedup Sorted separates one specified record in each group of records from the rest of the records in the group.

Dedup Sorted requires grouped input.

Component folding can enhance the performance of this component. If this feature is enabled, the Co>Operating System folds this component by default. See “Component folding” for more information.

Location in the Component Organizer
Transform folder
Runtime behavior of DEDUP SORTED with parameters

in the parameters this are the act parameters in dedup sorted component in ab initio if you have software this parameters can fill and lean the dedup sorted component and learn with example

  • Dedup Sorted does the following:

    • Reads a grouped flow of records from the in port.
    • If your records are not already grouped, use SORT to group them.
    • Does one of the following:
    • If you have supplied an expression for the select parameter, Dedup Sorted applies the expression to the records as follows: If you do not supply an expression for the select parameter, Dedup Sorted processes all records on the in port.
    • Processes groups of records as follows:
    • Considers any consecutive records with the same key value to be in the same group. If a group consists of one record, writes that record to the out port. If a group consists of more than one record, uses the value of the keep parameter to determine which record — if any — to write to the out port, and which record or records to write to the dup port. If you have chosen unique-only for the keep parameter, does not write records to the out port from any groups consisting of more than one record.


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